Thank you for checking out the 1-2-9 Home Inspection Company! Here are some answers to questions you might have:

Is the inspector qualified?

Tim Robberson has 30 years experience in residential housing as a former Real Estate Appraiser, Contractor, Re/Max Broker and Metro Broker. He has been a full time Home Inspector since 2007. Tim has taken over 100 hours of specialized home inspection training and has been qualified and certified as a NACHI Inspector by interNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors).

How much does the inspection cost?

The 1-2-9 Home Inspection Company was started in 2007 with the purpose of providing the lowest priced full quality inspections in Denver. While we are no longer able to do $129 inspections, our average price is about $189 depending on the size, age, condition and location of the home. We have done 100′s of inspections on all kinds of homes. We do Home Inspections for banks, FHA and VA.

What does the inspection include?

The inspection includes a 2 to 3 hour on-site evaluation plus additional time at the computer doing the report. The visible systems and components of the home are included in the inspection. The plumbing, electric, heating, roofing, attic, foundation and all rooms and exterior building surfaces are included. Fences and basic landscaping are examined. [Go to the page entitled "A Typical Inspection" for a comprehensive list of inclusions.]

Does a Home Inspection guarantee a perfect house?

Not really. The home inspection is not a guarantee or warranty or insurance policy. Nor is the inspector an engineer or specialist in every building trade. The inspection only covers what is visually apparent and does not cover hidden components such as the interior of the furnace or wiring and plumbing that are enclosed in walls or covered by insulation. While most defects are found, not all defects are identified. Generally, the inspection follows the guidelines of interNACHI, but there are some differences between the those guidelines and the 1-2-9 Inspection. The inspection is not a technical analysis that might be available from engineers.  It does not list models and serial numbers of appliances.

When do I get the Report and what is it like?

The Inspection Report is usually about 30 pages long, and it is emailed to the buyer and Realtor usually on the same day as the inspection. The Report  includes several color photos.

Can I go through the home with the inspector?

Absolutely. New home owners often learn a great deal about how the property was constructed and how it should be maintained. For further discussion of the inspection experience, click on the left side of this page on “What Really Matters”.

How do I hire my home inspector?

Buyers, Sellers and Brokers can hire the Inspector with a phone call or email. The client will be asked to read and sign the “Inspection Agreement” which clearly sets forth the relationship between the Client and Inspector and states the terms and conditions of the inspection job. A copy of the Inspection Agreement can be found on this web site. Just click on “Inspection Agreement”.

What kind of on-going training must my Inspector have?

  • Pass the InterNACHI’s Online Inspector Examination every year. This general, not association-specific, exam is an industry standard required by InterNACHI and some state licensing boards,
  • Adhere to the industry’s largest, most comprehensive Standards of Practice,
  • Abide by InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics,
  • Follow a strict continuing education policy that requires, among other things, that I receive 24 hours of continuing education each year,
  • Have signed and submitted an affidavit legally agreeing that I have and will continue to adhere to all InterNACHI standards, ethics and education requirements,
  • Have successfully completed InterNACHI’s comprehensive Standards of Practice course and examination, Roofing course and examination, Structural course and examination and Electrical course and examination, Plumbing course and examination, Inspector Safety course and examination, Wood Destroying Organism course and examination, 25 Standards course and examination, Moisture Intrusion course and examination, Vermiculite Insulation course, Polybutylene Plumbing course, Water Heater TPR Valve course, Emergency Exit course, Log Home course and examination, Green Building course and examination, Mold Inspection course and examination, Radon course and examination, Commercial Inspection course and examination, and the Foundation Walls and Piers course and examination,
  • Have access to a number of learning tools such as inspection tips and technique illustrations, a library of home inspection books and videos, the industry’s largest message board, InterNACHI’s “what’s new” publication of recent inspection news, and the InterNACHI University.

Tim can be reached by clicking Contact me at the left side of this page.

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